The Pulse: Hurricane Arthur Couldn't Wash Out Patriotism

The Pulse July 5th, 2014.

Number 5:
New video Saturday of a prison wedding in Peru for convicted killer Joran Van der Sloot.
He married his pregnant girlfriend at a maximum-security prison in Lima on Friday where they met when she visited the facility.
The couple were allowed conjugal visits and she's due to give birth in September.
Van der Sloot is serving a 28-year sentence for killing a woman in 2010.
He is the prime suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

Number 4:
These are some of the first shots of Brazil's star soccer player, Neymar, in a wheelchair.
The 22-year-old got kneed in the back during a second-half collision with a Colombian player earlier this week.
The star stiker suffering from a fractured vertebra is out of the world cup for the rest of the tournament.
Doctors say he will not need surgery to repair the damage, but he will be immoble for a while for it to heal.

Number 3:
In Tour de France news, Marcel Kittel of Germany won the first stage of the 101st Tour de France.
The victory made sweeter in front of Princes William and Harry, and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.
England hosts the first three stages of the tour before riders go to France on Tuesday.

Number 2:
Hurricane arthur couldn't stop July 4th celebrations on the astern seaboard completely.
While the first named storm of the season was an uninvited guest over the holiday weekend, the east coast worked with the conditions.
Preparing for a washout, Boston moved up its annual Fourth of July celebration.
The fireworks went off a day early.
In Washington DC, the fast moving storm cleared out just in time for a Friday night light show.
Now clean up continues in North Carolina which received the brunt of the storm.

Number 1:
As we celebrate our freedom, Independence Day brought another round of angry demonstrations in the California town of Murietta.
Protesters and counter-protestors clashed over what the White House has called a humanitarian crisis.
Tens of thousands of migrants from Central America, many of them children, are crossing into the US illegally.
They're being taken by the busload to towns like Murietta for processing.
About 60 to 80 thousand children without parents are expected to cross the border this year.

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