The Pulse: ISIS Forces People to Convert to Islam & Ebola Patients Released

A farmer in Arcadia, Oklahoma has found a unique way to thank US troops for their service. Crestview farms in Arcadia -- now dubbed Freedom Farm. The farmer who owns it - a former National Guard helicopter pilot - mowed a thank you message - for all the pilots flying over to see.

While many Yazidis fled from ISIS and are now in displacement camps, many weren't that lucky. ISIS captured hundreds of Yazidis, offering them a choice: convert to Islam or face death, and it appears that some of the yazidis who got left behind are converting to Islam.

Malaysian authorities are accusing two people of stealing about $35,000 from the bank accounts of four passengers on missing Malaysian Flight 370. An HSBC bank officer faces 12 charges for transferring money between the passengers' accounts. Her husband, a mechanic, is accused of using a debit and other cards belonging to one of the passengers to withdraw money from an ATM.

We are learning new details about a failed attempt to rescue Americans being held hostage by the terror group ISIS. Among those captives was James Foley - who was recently beheaded in a gruesome video posted online. The Wall Street Journal reports his captors originally demanded a ransom of more than $132 million dollars. The White House saying - US Special Ops Forces launched a daring raid earlier this summer inside Syria to try to rescue Foley and other Americans being held by ISIS, but when the commandos arrived the hostages were not there.

An American doctor who contracted Ebola while working to cure patients in West Africa expressed his gratitude as he left an Atlanta hospital today. For more on this story - click on the video on this page.

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