The Pulse: Malaysia Flight 'Deliberately' Diverted

This is Saturday's edition of -- The Pulse.

Number five -- A Florida dog named Thor survived after being doused with gasoline and set ablaze and now he will soon be someone's new best friend. A local charity called CAMO matches dogs with wounded veterans and Thor will eventually be matched with a local marine who has been badly burned. Thor has since been renamed Phoenix, for having risen from the ashes. He will recover in foster care for a few months before beginning his training.

Number four -- The federal government is getting out of the online business. U.S. officials announced plans Friday to give up control of the organization that manages internet names. This move will end the contract between the Commerce Department and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). U.S. officials deny this move was linked to the controversy that erupted after NSA spying revelations emerged.

Number three -- One of the co-founders of the Pinkberry yogurt chain will spend seven years behind bars for beating a homeless man with a tire iron. Young Lee was convicted of attacking Donald Bolding in June of 2011. On Friday, a judge imposed the maximum penalty and denied probation for Lee. Pinkberry says it formally severed ties with Lee in 2010.

Number two -- Sparks are flying following the 2013 Black Forest Fire in Colorado. An investigation says firefighters were pulled from the front lines and ordered to risk their lives to allegedly protect the home of El Paso County Sheriff's Commander Robert McDonald. The Sheriff is vehemently denying the allegations outlined in a 1,900 page report paid for and commissioned by the Black Forest Fire Protection District and Chief Bob Harvey.

Number one -- It has been one week since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 carrying 239 people, seemingly disappeared. Officials now say it is believed someone acted "deliberately" from inside the plane. Investigators have searched the homes of both the pilot and co-pilot looking for any sort of evidence. Radar data suggests the plane abruptly turned west after losing contact with air traffic control. The U.S. and Malaysian government have narrowed the search for the missing aircraft to the Bay of Bengal now.

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