The Pulse: Man Slams Truck into TV Station

In Tuesday's edition of "The Pulse," the search is on for a man who rammed his truck into a Baltimore TV station.

Maryland police are searching for a man who they say rammed his truck through the lobby of a TV station. When police arrived, they said the driver was not in his vehicle. No injuries were reported. An executive producer at WMAR-TV said the man walked up to the front door and screamed he was God. He then got in his truck and he rammed it all the way through the lobby. The station was evacuated and a nearby school was placed on lockdown.

Workers in western Turkey are trying to rescue as many as 200 miners who may have been trapped by an explosion and fire in a coal mine. Officials says at least 70 miners have been killed and fear that number will rise. Officials say the fire was triggered by an exploding transformer.

The director behind the next "Batman" movie made fans very happy. Zack Snyder took to Twitter posting a sneak peak of actor Ben Affleck in full costume. A new Batmobile can also bee seen in the picture. Affleck is the next caped crusader in the sequel to "Man of Steel." The movie is expected to premiere in 2016.

New developments on a potentially deadly virus being tracked in the United States. 2 people in the U.S. have tested positive for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is issuing an "alert" to travelers. It recommends people take precautions if traveling to the Arabian Peninsula.

Something straight out of science fiction could soon be used to help amputees. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a groundbreaking bionic arm inspired by "Star Wars." The battery-powered prosthetic, known as Deka, is controlled by signals from the brain. The FDA says the arm can be configured for people with limb loss at the shoulder joint, mid-upper arm or mid-lower arm.

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