The Pulse: McCain: ISIS Control Could Extend to U.S.

Number 5:
With the cost of college soaring, many parents are finding it harder to pay for their child's college education and now a new survey says that parents want their kids to chip in.
According to a Fidelity Investments report, parents on average want their kids to pay for about one third of their college education through savings, working part time jobs and also taking out student loans.
Many parents plan to pay for about 64-percent of the total costs. That number is up from 57-percent in 2012.

Number 4:
There have been more Israeli airstrikes in Gaza this Saturday.
And undoubtedly, more children will suffer in the continued violence.
With more than 2,000 people killed, the psychological toll of the war affecting the strips most vulnerable, children.
The U.N. estimates 400,000 children in Gaza need therapy.
A child and family counseling and training center are working to rewire kids brains, in hopes of achieving some sort of normality.

Number 3:
A heat wave didn't stop demonstrators in Ferguson, MO from making their voices heard this weekend.
A local chapter of the NAACP held a march and rally this afternoon to call for justice for Michael Brown.
Protests have been happening in the St. Louis suburb for two weeks now, since Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Brown.
A grand jury is now handling the case to decide whether charges should be filed against Wilson.

Number 2:
Innocent until proven guilty, that's the rally cry for hundreds in Ferguson who turned out in support of Officer Darren Wilson.
Supporters wearing shirts with police badges, publicly stood by him and his actions.
Wilson is the officer who killed 19-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO sparking days of violent protests.

Number 1:
U.S. Senator John McCain said that ISIS control will extend beyond the region into Europe and the U.S.
And he isn't only one who believes this.
The 'Islamic State' is now seen as a greater threat than Al Qaeda.
U.S. Officials say ISIS has 15,000 active fighters and some believe it could be three times that, including thousands of foreign fighters.
They're gaining momentum, and money.
They have more than 2-billion dollars worth of assets and make about 2-million a day on oil supplies they control.

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