The Pulse: NASA and Russia Cut Ties

Number five:
A deadly shark attack off the Australian coast.

Christine Armstrong was swimming with a group of people south of Sydney, when a shark began attacking her and eventually killing the 63 year old.

Police began their search for Armstrong, but they say they have no trace of her.

Number four:
A week after Pope Francis welcomed President Obama to the Vatican, there's another high-profile visitor: Britain's Queen Elizabeth.

The respective heads of the Anglican Church and the Catholic Church meeting at the Vatican.

It's their first time to meet, but Her Majesty has met five popes over her 60 years as queen.

Number three:
The recent tensions between the US and Russia over Ukraine, taking their toll on what is left of the US space program.

Currently the US depends on Russian rocket engines for national security, and the pentagon is reviewing if that relationship threatens national security.

NASA has now suspended contacts with the Russian government.
Number two:
Late show funny man David Letterman is retiring when his contract is up next year.

Letterman made the big announcement during a taping of his show Thursday.

Letterman turns 67 next week and has had the longest run of any late night talk show host in television history.

Number one:
Texas and military detectives are investigating the motive behind the active shooter rampage Wednesday on the Fort Hood Army Base.

Ivan Lopez, 34,  moved to Fort Hood in February.

He was receiving treatment for depression and anxiety and being tested for PTSD.

He opened fire on base, killing 3 and wounding 16.

He was cornered by a military police woman and then turned the gun on himself.

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