The Pulse: Needles Found in Meat, How Facebook Affects Your Views & Ebola Patients Coming to the U.S.

An Illinois man is facing prison time and hefty fines after tampering with packaged meat at a grocery store. Federal prosecutors say needles were found in packages of hamburgers, steaks and a pork chop here at the store Shop N Save in Belleville. Prosecutors say one of the consumers found the needle in her mouth while eating, another reported a needle stuck in the hand and a third found the needles in meat, but was not hurt. Prosecutors are concerned about whether there could still be other products out therewith needles in them.

A Dutch team reached the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 today. They have already found more human remains that were left behind. They say they've got more than 60 experts with them - including Dutch and Australian investigators. The situation there is still volatile. Ukraine's anti-terrorist operation reported on their official Facebook page that ten soldiers were ambushed and killed close to the crash site Thursday night.

The Gaza ceasefire was broken within an hour-and-a-half today with Hamas and Israel pointing fingers at each other. The violence killed at least 44 Palestinians, two Israeli soldiers and an Israeli soldier was captured. In Gaza, people rushed to salvage some of their belongings before the ceasefire collapsed.

As the world follows the violence in the Middle East, the internet plays an increasing role in how you view the conflict - and whether or not you are getting the full story. Many of us now see the world through an internet filter and that can be a dangerous thing when it comes to forming opinions about major issues such as the conflict in t he Middle East. If you use Facebook, for example, your news is processed through a filter of things you are mostly likely to "like." It may keep you engaged with the story, but you will only be fed information that agrees with your point of view or that of your friends.

The U.S. is preparing to treat two American citizens infected with the Ebola virus. This will be the first known time that someone with Ebola enters the United States, and that's causing some to worry about whether an outbreak may occur here. The first patient will arrive on Satuday afternoon. For more on this story, click the video on this page.

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