The Pulse: New Warning About the Dangers of Tanning

Number 5:
The acting US Surgeon General, issuing a new warning about the dangers of indoor and outdoor tanning and its link to skin cancer.
Boris Lushniak called skin cancer a "major public health problem" in a call to action.
According to the report, nearly five million people in the US are treated for skin cancer every year.
More than 400,000 are estimated to be linked to indoor tanning.
Overall, the cases average an annual cost of 8.1 billion dollars.
His report also recommends wearing sunscreen and protective gear outdoors, like a hat and sunglasses and avoid tanning.

Number 4:
North Carolina has decided to stop fighting for its marriage amendment.
This comes after a federal appeals court has ruled that Virginia's same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional.
The North Carolina attorney general says there's no argument left to be made.
A three-judge panel of the 4th US Circuit Court of appeals made the ruling against Virginia's marriage law.

Number 3:
Malaysia Airlines struggling before the crashes of MH17 and MH370 and these two disasters are deepening the crisis for the carrier.
Meanwhile, MH17 investigators in Ukraine and the Netherlands certainly have their work cut out for them.
Only one body from the crash site has been identified so far.
As the head of the forensics team told CNN, it could take months to identify the others.
Tuesday, a team of international investigators have turned back after attempting to reach the crash site of the plane citing ongoing violence in the region as the cause.

Number 2:
President Obama announced new, stepped up sanctions against Russia today.
This, as tensions flare up in Ukraine between Russian supported rebels and the Ukrainian army.
The president says the path to a peaceful resolution involves Russia recognizing the sovereignty of the Ukrainian people.
Obama insisted that there is no "new" cold war despite the tensions.

Number 1:
Hopes for another cease-fire in the Mideast, falling.
This, after the chief of Hamas' military wing said that "there is no middle ground" until Israel ends its offensive in Gaza.
Israeli officials say they are ready for an end in fighting, but Hamas must agree to cease-fires, as well.
Fighting between the two sides is in its third week.
So far, more than 1,100 people have died in the conflict.

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