The Pulse: Obama's New Immigration Reform Push

More bad news for GM; Rob Ford is out of rehab; and President Obama makes a new immigration reform push. These are your top trending stories of "The Pulse."

President Obama announced Monday he'll use executive action to move forward on immigration reform without Congress. The move comes in the midst of an escalating crisis on the U.S. Border involving unaccompanied children.
"Today, I'm beginning an effort to fix as much of our immigration system as I can on my own," Obama said at a press conference.
The president says he's not waiting for congress any longer, when it comes to immigration reform.
"There are enough Republicans and Democrats in the House to pass an immigration bill today. I would sign it into law today. And Washington would solve a problem in a bipartisan way," Obama said. "The only thing I can't do is stand by and do nothing while waiting for them to get their act together."
Obama says he'll redirect federal resources to the border, and call on his Homeland Security Secretary and Attorney General for recommendations on actions that can be taken within his executive power.

The Israeli military has found the bodies of three Israeli teenagers who went missing in the West Bank earlier this month. Israeli-born American citizen Naftali Fraenkel, 16, Eyal Yifrach, 16, and Gilad Shaar, 19 vanished on June 12. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the situation, saying "Hamas is responsible and Hamas will pay." Israeli soldiers carried out a massive manhunt and large crackdown on the Hamas militant group across the West Bank.

The Dept. of Homeland Security will likely beef up security measures at America's airports. There is concern terrorists from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula are developing new explosives that can be smuggled past screening systems. Officials stress that there is no imminent threat or plot, however, an additional vulnerability has been identified. In recent months, U.S. officials have warned about terrorists attempting to design new explosive devices to avoid detection.

GM has announced another recall Monday. The company recalled more than 8.4 million vehicles worldwide for faulty ignition switches, wiring, and fasteners. The sum of vehicles recalled Monday amounts to the company's largest single day of recalls this year. Worldwide, the automaker has recalled nearly 30 million vehicles this year.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is out of rehab and back to work after a two-month stay. His brother picked him up from the facility Monday afternoon. Ford reportedly checked himself in for an "alcohol problem" after making several offensive comments. The mayor addressed Toronto residents this afternoon, apologizing for his actions.

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