The Pulse: Pope Francis Washes Feet on Holy Thursday

The top stories from Thursday, April 17th.

Pope Francis is celebrates Holy Thursday with a special mass at the vatican. He also washed the feet of 12 disabled people.

Chelsea Clinton is going to be a mom! She broke the news of her pregnancy today at a women's event in New York while sharing the stage with her mother.

President Obama appears at the White House press briefing to praise the Affordable Care Act. Two weeks after the signup deadline, The President is calling the ACA a success, after eight million Americans signed up for healthcare on the federal exchanges...

Nasa researchers have located a planet the size of earth that could sustain life. The newfound planet, called kepler-186f, is slightly bigger than earth and may support liquid water.

Distraught relatives begin to identify ferry victims killed in South Korea's ferry disaster, as the death toll rises to fourteen. The devastated families taken to the morgue today to identify the bodies of their loved ones who died when the sewol ferry sank Wednesday. The vessel was carrying 475 passengers, including a large group of teens.

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