The Pulse: President Obama Authorizes Iraq Airstrikes

Number 5:
The murder trial of Oscar Pistorius has been gripping, dramatic and unexpected in many ways, but after nearly forty days of testimony, and several unexpected delays, we are nearing the end of it.
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel delivered his closing arguments including what he calls "a baker's dozen" of lies, rehashing 13 inconsistencies in the case.
The defense also began their closing arguments.

Number 4:
A Michigan man accused of shooting and killing an unarmed young woman on his front porch last November, was convicted of second-degree murder Thursday.
Theodore Wafer faces life in prison when he is sentenced on August 21.
Renisha McBride had crashed her car and was looking for help the night she banged on Wafer's front door.
McBride had a blood-alcohol level more than two times the legal limit and had smoked marijuana, according to testimony.

Number 3:
National Security Agency leader Edward Snowden will be allowed to stay in Russia for three more years.
Snowden's attorney said Thursday that Russia granted his request to extend his residency.
Snowden fled the United States after leaking classified documents about NSA spying.
US authorities have charged him with espionage and theft of government property.

Number 2:
A developing story, President Obama authorizes Iraq air strikes.
He said he's authorized targeted air strikes in Iraq to protect American personnel.
The United States has already sent airdropped meals and water in Iraq, sending aid to minority groups trapped as brutal Islamist fighters advance.
ISIS continues its brutal offensive in Iraq, and that's prompting Iraqis to seek shelter wherever they can find it.

Number 1:
A pair of rare cyclones are barreling toward Hawaii, the first expected to make landfall as early as Thursday night.
Residents are scrambling to prepare, while officials are urging everyone to take these storms seriously.

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