The Pulse: Refugee Problem in Iraq

A growing refugee problem in Iraq, as the government intensifies its fight against ISIS militants tops the Friday edition of "The Pulse."

In Iraq, as the government intensifies its fight against the militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and Iraqis are leaving their homes in huge numbers. About half of them come from Mosul, which fell to the insurgents last week. The U.N. says 500,000 people packed up and got out of the city as quickly as they could. So far, most of the refugees have remained inside Iraq's borders, but the new chaos could turn the country into a major refugee crisis area in the Middle East.

The House has voted to back an amendment to limit the NSA's surveillance on Americans. The amendment was adopted by what even supporters say was a surprisingly wide margin, 293 to 123. The legislation would require the NSA to obtain a warrant to search government databases for information on U.S. citizens. It would also prohibit surveillance "backdoor" gadgets on commercial tech products.

In Maryland, a hospital recently announced it will stop hiring employees who use tobacco. Dr. Stephen Cattaneo says for the center's 4,000 employees, it's about practicing what you preach. The new employment policy doesn't go into effect until next summer. But this July, the medical center's 6 campuses will also completely ban tobacco use, including e-cigarettes. Employees who smoke won't lose their jobs once the policy goes into effect, but they will have to comply with the new rules.

Researchers may have accidentally found an answer to one life's biggest mysteries: The elusive cure for baldness. A man went from from completely bald to a full head of hair, in just months all thanks to a pill called Xeljanz that's actually already on the market for arthritis. That patient, who's 25, started losing hair all over his body when he was 2 years old because of an unusual form of alopecia. Now, a doctor at Yale put him on the drug. Six and a half million people have alopecia. His doctor says the drug may one day help them, too. But what about the tens of million of men who've just gone bald as they've gotten older? The doctor doesn't think the drug will help them but he does think it's worth doing a study to find out.

A rare albino whale resurfaced off the eastern coast of Australia this week. The whale's name is Migaloo and this is the third year in a row he's been spotted around Sydney. He swims by on his annual migration route. Researchers say there are only a handful of albino humpbacks like Migaloo. Spotters first saw him around 1991 so they say he's in his 20s now.

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