The Pulse: Riots Break Out in Ferguson, Missouri

A bizarre incident in Florida. Police were called to an apartment complex saturday to handle a screaming naked man with a sword. Jacob Jaquett took cell phone video of the incident... saying it happened while he was helping a friend move. He said the man began charging people and screaming at them. A call to the sheriff's office left questions unanswered. But Jaquett says other members of the complex were able to get the man to put the sword down.

The 9th annual gay games has wrapped up in Ohio.Hundreds gathered for the closing ceremony saturday in Cleveland.The event attracted nine thousand athletes and some 20 thousand spectators from around the world. Participants had nothing but praise for the host city.The games are open to all adults, regardless of sexual orientation or athletic ability. Paris, France is set to host the next gay games in 2018.

As investigators search for answers in the death of Nascar driver, Kevin Ward Junior last week during a Sprint car race. Nascar has implemented new safety rules of its own. Used to seeing drivers get out of the car to confront other drivers, it's often considered entertainment value, but Nascar says no more. A new rule means drivers must stay in their cars unless they're in immediate danger. As for the penalty for getting out of the car,
Nascar says that will be considered on a case by case basis.

A woman in California is behind bars after allegedly leading San Diego police on a wild chase in a stolen patrol car. Officers say the 22-year-old stole the parked police car late friday night.They say they spiked the car's tires, but it kept going. No one was hurt. The woman is now facing multiple felony charges, including grand theft auto.

The first night of curfew in Ferguson, Missouri is over, but not without more violence. Smoke and tear gas once again filled the air, resulting in seven arrests. Missouri governor, Jay Nixon said, "We are trying to use the least amount of force to provide people the ability to speak while also protecting the property of the people of Ferguson." President Obama is set to meet with attorney general Eric Holder on Monday to discuss the situation.That's according to a white house official. It comes just over a week after a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed African-American teen... leading to days of protests and violence in the city. Earlier on Sunday, the justice department announced holder had approved a request by the teen's family to have an autopsy done by a federal medical examiner. The autopsy is expected to be completed as soon as possible.

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