The Pulse: School Shooting in Oregon

In Tuesday's edition of "The Pulse," a school shooting near Portland, Oregon, leaves two people, including the gunman, dead, and a teacher injured.

Two people are dead and a teacher injured in Oregon after a student at a Portland-area high school opened fire on the last day of school. The school went on lockdown for two hours until investigators say the shooter turned the gun on himself. Police say he was carrying a rifle. Investigators say the quick response of two school resource officers helped prevent any further injuries.

In Virginia, a major upset in the GOP primary for the 7th House District. Rep. Eric Cantor, the number two Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives, will lose his seat in Congress. Economics professor and Tea Party Republican David Brat challenged the House Majority Leader in Tuesday's primary. He took on Cantor in the Richmond-area district, claiming Cantor had abandoned his conservative principles on issues such as immigration. Cantor was the first House Majority Leader to lose his party primary since this position was created in 1899. Brat will face Democrat Jack Trammell in the November general election.

A bill aimed at giving veterans more options for medical care in response to the V.A. wait time scandal has passed in the House by a unanimous vote. The legislation would allow veterans who experience long wait times for appointments to seek care outside V.A. facilities. The Senate is expected to consider a similar measure later this week. V.A. Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned last month amid reports blaming over a dozen deaths on delayed care at V.A. facilities. An internal veterans affairs audit released Monday found that tens of thousands of newly returned veterans waited 90 days for medical care.

Twenty years after the start of the O.J. Simpson murder case, attitudes towards Simpson and towards race relations in the country have dramatically changed, according to a new national poll. Monday night's release of the CNN/ORC International Survey comes just a few days before 20th anniversary of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson, the former football star and actor's ex-wife, and of Ronald Goldman. Simpson was eventually acquitted. According to CNN polling in 1994, a large majority of whites thought Simpson was guilty, but six in ten African-Americans believed that the charges against Simpson were not true. Twenty years later, the newest poll indicates there has been a turnaround in attitudes towards the former football star, with a majority of blacks (53%). Now saying that the murder charges against Simpson were true.

We've got some hot wedding photos to show you from a marriage that began in a blaze of glory. Josh Newton was the wedding photographer for Michael and April Wolber's wedding in Bend, Oregon, and none of them were expecting a wildfire. As Michael waited for April to walk down the aisle, a fire truck arrived, siren blaring. Fire officials gave them about 20 minutes to do a sped-up ceremony. Then while everyone began moving to another location, Josh started taking photos with his iPhone and his professional camera, coming out with some amazing pictures.

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