The Pulse: Shooting at Virginia Navy base

Another day passes with no sign of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370; a shooting at a Naval Station in Virginia; and more. This is Tuesday's edition of "The Pulse."

The search drags on for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, prolonging the agony and frustration for the families of passengers a day after the Malaysian government announced the plane likely crashed into the Indian Ocean. Frustrated by Malaysia's handling of the incident, they descended upon a Malaysian embassy on foot, marching over 2 miles after police prevented them from taking buses and blocked the embassy once they arrived. Some Chinese family members release a statement, reading in part, "The Malaysian government and the Malaysian military continue putting off, holding back and covering up the truth of the incident, as well as trying to deceive the families of passengers and people of the entire world."

Navy officials say a civilian shot and killed a sailor at a naval station in Norfolk, Virginia. The commanding officer at the base says the shooting took place after the suspect boarded a U.S. Navy destroyer last night. Navy officials say the suspect had worked at the base before and had credentials to be at the base.It's unclear whether those credentials allowed him to be on the ship.

Abortion and Obamacare are two controversial topics that stir heated passions, and that's just what happened both inside and outside the Supreme Court Tuesday. The justices are considering claims by two family-owned, for-profit companies whose owners say that being forced to comply with the health care law's so-called "contraception mandate" would mean violating their deeply-held religious beliefs. Owners of both the Hobby Lobby craft store chain and Conestoga wood cabinet-making company object to four specific drugs they believe trigger abortions.

Facebook is getting into the virtual reality business. The social networking giant announced Tuesday it plans to buy Oculus VR for $2 billion. Oculus makes a virtual reality gaming headset that responds to your head movements. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement the acquisition gets them "ready for the platforms of tomorrow."

After 11 years of marriage, "Iron Man" actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her singer-songwriter husband Chris Martin are calling it quits. The couple announcing on the actress' lifestyle blog they are separating. A spokeswoman for Martin, who is the front-man of the Grammy Award-winning group Coldplay, confirmed the split. Paltrow and Martin have been married since 2003, and they have two children together: 9-year-old daughter Apple and 7-year-old son Moses.

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