The Pulse: The Brown Family Calls for Peace in Ferguson

The long-time voice of Saturday Night Live has fallen silent. The New York Times reports Don Pardo died Monday at his home in Arizona. He was 96. Pardo was best known for announcing the performers at the open of nearly every episode of SNL, from the premiere in 1975 until just last year. Viewers also heard his voice in the early years of game shows "The Price is Right" and "Jeopardy!"

A truck driver and others are being hailed heroes after running into a burning wreck on a highway in Mississippi. While driving on Interstate 10 in Gulfport, Mississippi a truck driver witnessed the fiery crash a short distance ahead of him. It was a Lincoln Town car colliding with an 18-wheeler as both burst into flames. The trucker and several other drivers ran to help free a woman and her one-year old granddaughter in the town car before rescue crews arrived. Amazingly - they were not injured.

A defiant, Texas Governor Rick Perry had to get finger-printed and pose for a mug-shot today in Austin... after being indicted last week on charges he abused the powers of the governor's office. A grand jury indicted Perry Friday on two felony charges of abuse of power - for allegedly intimidating Democratic District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg into resigning after she pled guilty to drunk driving ...Prosecutors say Perry threatened to use his veto power to withhold state funds from Lehmberg's agency that investigates public corruption - when Lehmberg didn't step down - Perry vetoed the funds. He says he plans to fight this indictment every step of the way.

The cease fire between Israel and Hamas militants is over once more, and the latest truce didn't last very long. Israel said Palestinian militants fired rockets from Gaza today (Tuesday) in violation of the truce. The latest attacks swiftly drew air strikes and the recall of Israeli negotiators from talks on a long-term ceasefire. One rocket hit an Israeli town close to the border with Gaza and one man was injured. Earlier, the Israeli military reports three rockets struck Southern Israel, near the city of Beersheba. Those attacks came nearly eight hours before the ceasefire was set to expire.

No more violence. That is what Michael Brown's family is calling for. It's been nearly two weeks since a police officer fatally shot the unarmed 18-year-old in an incident that remains disputed. For more on this story - click the video on this page.

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