The Pulse: The DEA Investigates the NFL, Middle Schoolers Rock with Metallica, and the latest in the Middle East Crisis

What were you doing in eighth grade? A trio of middle-schoolers in New York just signed their first million-dollar record contract! This is the rock band "Unlocking the Truth." Sony just sealed a 1.7 million dollar deal with the boy rockers. Its members are 13-year-old Malcom Brickhouse; 13-year-old Jarad Dawkins and 12-year-old Alec Atkins -- all of Brooklyn. They got their big break two years ago in an amateur night competition at the famous Apollo theater. Since then, they've had a few viral videos on Youtube, and even opened for Guns N' Roses! Sony says it will pay for tutors so the band members can keep up on their studies while touring. You can see them next month in Canada -- when they open for Metallica!

Relics of a nearly forgotten World War II battle are being explored at the bottom of the sea - not far from Mississippi! This video comes from the Ocean Exploration Trust. Their robotic underwater cameras are checking out the wreckage of a German U-boat - a type of submarine - and an American warship, the Robert E. Lee. Scientists hope to learn more about how the ships sank, as well as what kinds of life have taken shelter in the wreckage.

Federal Drug Enforcement agents are launching an investigation into claims that trainers and doctors were illegally giving NFL players powerful painkillers to keep them on the field. According to the source, the DEA is examining records of doctor visits and prescriptions given to players. The investigation is described as being in its "early stages." It comes a year after a group of retired n-f-l players filed a class action lawsuit accusing the league of creating a "culture of drug misuse" by handing out pills without prescriptions.

California may be voting on whether to divide into six separate states. Billionaire venture capitalist Timothy Draper says he has the more than 800-thousand signatures needed to put the proposal onto a public referendum for November 2016. Draper spent almost $5-million dollars of his own cash on pushing this. He says states could could frame their own constitutions, have their own systems of government, even their own state bird. Even if this was approved by voters, it would have to get through Congress. This is not the first attempt to get approval to divide California.

A deal to stop the fighting, rejected in the Middle East. Hamas militants refusing to accept a ceasefire deal, even as Israeli officials agreed to the negotiated peace. And in the deadly exchange of rocket fire - it's business as usual. For more on this story - click the video on this page.

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