The Pulse: Toddler Death Investigated

In Wednesday's edition of "The Pulse," new details in the case of a baby left in his father's car while he was at work.

Investigators now say Justin Harris knew his 22-month-old son was in his sweltering SUV, sources tell CNN, and two search warrants have been issued for Harris' home address. Police now say the father went to his car at least once during his work day. Investigators are suggesting the dad had to know the boy was in the car. He has been arrested as police investigate.

U.S. military advisers and special operations forces have arrived in Baghdad. An Iraqi military spokesman confirmed their arrival Wednesday during a press conference in the capital. He said they were assessing the Iraqi forces in an effort to strengthen Baghdad's defenses against a Sunni uprising in the country's north. The spokesman also said Iraq's largest oil refinery remained under government control after a raid by Sunni militants earlier in the day. Forty-eight militants, including eight commanders from ISIS were killed during the raid, according to the spokesman.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) says he plans to file a lawsuit against President Obama, accusing him of not faithfully executing laws. Boehner told reporters that the president has tried to erode the power of the legislative branch by issuing executive orders to circumvent Congress. Boehner said the action won't be an impeachment, but a legal challenge.

The family of a 3-year-old girl says an incident involving the girl at a KFC restaurant is not a hoax. It started when the family of Victoria Wilcher accused a KFC restaurant employee of asking the girl to leave a Mississippi KFC because her injuries were too gruesome for other customers. The little girl has scars on her face from being attacked by dogs. KFC's corporate office says that after two investigations there is no evidence that the incident occurred. An attorney for Wilcher's family says the girl's grandmother stands by her account of the incident and her description of the events is true and accurate.

An alleged bite during a World Cup match Tuesday may have gotten soccer star Luis Suarez in trouble, but it lined the pockets of one lucky man in Sweden. Twenty-three-year-old Jonathan Brack bet about $12 that Suarez would bite someone during the World Cup. During his match between Uruguay and Italy, Suarez was accused of biting an Italian player and is now under review by FIFA. Brack says he's already received his winnings, totaling $2,079. The Swede says he was going to bet 45-to-60 dollars, but his friend told him not to waste money on such a stupid bet.

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