The Pulse: United States Began Airstrikes in Iraq

Number 5:
Southern hospitality wins out in the annual readers survey of places where you are likely to get a warm reception.
Charleston, South Carolina nabbed the top spot in the U.S. called "quaint and charming."
Several other southern cities also made the list including: Savannah, GA, New Orleans and Nashville.
As for the cities that were judged to be inhospitable to travelers, Newark, New Jersey topped the list, along with Atlantic City, Los Angeles, Detroit and Miami.

Number 4:
On August 8th, 1974, exactly 40 years ago Friday, Richard Nixon made history by becoming the first, and so far only, president to resign from office.
The Watergate scandal is known to be the scandal that brought down Nixon.

Number 3:
Hawaii residents hunkered down as tropical storm Iselle whipped the island chain with winds and heavy rains.
Iselle's top winds weakened to 60 mph as it made landfall at 2:30 A.M. Friday along the coast of the Big Island.
Had the storm remained a hurricane, it would have been the first to hit Hawaii in decades.
Heavy rains were the biggest threat, with general rainfall predicted to be between 4 and 8 inches, although some areas could get more than a foot.

Number 2:
The UN's World Health Organization has declared the Ebola epidemic an "international health emergency".
Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are battling the Ebola virus, with at least 932 people killed in those countries.
Cases are also showing up in Nigeria.
The United Nations health agency described this as the worst outbreak in 40 years of tracking the disease.
Officials said "a coordinated international response" is needed to contain Ebola.

Number 1:
The United States began airstrikes in Iraq Friday.
In an escalation of U.S. involvement, two FA-18 jet fighters bombed a Sunni mobile artillery battery.
President Barack Obama said airstrikes are necessary to protect U.S. personnel from ISIS fighters.
The strike was made in response to ISIS gains in Iraq's Kurdish region.
President Obama had previously removed most U.S. forces from Iraq in 2011.
The FAA has restricted air travel through Iraqi airspace.

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