The Pulse: United States Consider Airstrikes in Syria

Number 5:
Surf's up in southern California, way, way up.
Waves of 10 to 15 feet are expected, and the surfers couldn't be happier.
But it's dangerous for swimmers.
The National Weather Service has issued a beach hazard and high surf warnings from more than 100 miles north of L.A all the way down to the border of Mexico.

Number 4:
Workers with the World Health Organization are being pulled out of parts of Sierra Leone.
W.H.O says 120 health care workers have died in this Ebola outbreak.
One treatment center was looted by rioters and is slowly being rebuilt.
Quarantine measures were put in place after rioters looted an Ebola treatment center in a Liberian slum, claiming the virus was a government hoax.
About 70,000 people are in quarantine

Number 3:
Journalist Peter Theo Curtis says he's overwhelmed with emotion, finally making it back home to Massachusetts.
Curtis was held for nearly two years by an Al-Qaeda-linked group in Syria.
He spoke briefly to reporters this morning, after making the long trip back to the US.
The 45-year-old American author and freelance reporter was released by Islamist militants in Syria this past weekend.
His emotional homecoming came after 22 months in captivity.

Number 2:
The release of the graphic video clip showing the killing of James Foley has sparked a backlash against the posting of violent content on social media.
The technology is available to stop such content from being uploaded.
But companies like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter seem reluctant to use it because it can't always distinguish between what is legitimate news or a gruesome video.
When it comes to crimes like child porn, often times that material is flagged by users, not software.

Number 1:
The war in Syria threatens to drag in Israel as a group tied to Al Qaeda seizes a key border post.
With one, and now perhaps two Americans killed fighting for ISIS.
President Obama is considering whether to pull the trigger on airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria.

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