The Pulse: U.S. Weighs Options in Iraq

Iraq continues to top our list of trending stories in Wednesday's edition of "The Pulse."

The battle between Iraq's military and militants continued at the country's main oil refinery. It's just one of many areas in conflict. Meanwhile, Washington, D.C. debates whether or not to get involved. President Obama is taking up the issue with Congressional leaders as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says Iraq has asked the U.S. for air support.

You're looking at the inside of one of the holding facilities where hundreds of undocumented immigrant children are being held for processing. Some U.S. Border Patrol facilities in Texas have been overwhelmed recently by unaccompanied minors crossing into the United States in droves. Border Patrol officials say this Brownsville facility is not set up to house children, but has been turned into a makeshift dormitory. About 500 children are being housed here. Most of them are from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

A possible game-changer for the Washington Redskins. The U.S. Patent Office canceled the National Football League team's trademark registration, saying it is disparaging to Native Americans. The move can't stop the team from using its Redskin logo, but now you can use it too, for free. The National Congress of American Indians is praising the move. Both groups have rallied to get the NFL team to change its name because they view it as offensive and demeaning to Native people. An appeal of the decision is expected

Amazon entered the smartphone business with a splash Wednesday. The retail giant unveiled its first "Fire Phone," a high-end smartphone. It has a 13-megapixel camera, a lightning-fast processor and 2 gigabytes of ram, along with other bells and whistles. The Fire Phone will cost $199 with a 2-year contract. For now, it's available exclusively on AT&T's network.

In Kansas, a breathtaking crash caught on video. A driver noticed an SUV swerving all over the road, he called 911 and started recording. You can see the Jeep Cherokee slamming into the back of a parked trailer, and go airborne. The Jeep's driver was taken to the hospital.

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