The Pulse: Wimbledon Winner

The Pulse July 6th, 2014

Number 5:
Trial begins Monday for Donald Sterling, focusing on whether or not his estranged wife had the authority to negotiate a big dollar deal.
What was she selling on his behalf? The Los Angeles Clippers basketball team.
If the deal goes through, the two-billion dollar team will be sold to a former Microsoft CEO.
The deal, coming after racist remarks made by Donald Sterling were made public by a girlfriend.

Number 4:
A high profile court case may be coming to an end.
Testimony in the Oscar Pistorius trial could end with Monday's session.
If so, the star athlete's future will be revealed.
You may remember the case from Valentine's day 2013, when the paralympian fatally shot his 29-year old girlfriend through a door.
The prosecutors claim he intended to kill her after an argument, while the defense saying Pistorius accidentally shot her thinking she was an intruder.

Number 3:
A young girl was allegedly kicked out of a Kentucky Fried Chicken because of her appearance, after she was mauled by a pit bull.
Now a Florida-based prosthetist, Dr. Raymond Peters is offering his services to help the Mississippi girl who lost an eye in the attack.
He estimates she'll need about 10 eyes as she continues to grow, and he's committed to make sure she gets the help she needs.

Number 2:
We have a Wimbledon winner!
Novak Djokovic wins the Wimbledon title for second time today.
Beating seven-time champion Roger Federer in five sets.
Federer was bidding for his 18th grand slam title in this match.
Djokovic last won the Wimbledon title in 2011.

Number 1:
The Obama administration is facing fresh criticism for its handling of the immigration crisis.
One person in the center of the debate, Mayor Alan Long of Murrieta, CA, the small town that rose up in protest after federal officials busted illegal immigrants to a facility there.
It's estimated about 60 to 80 thousand children will cross into the United States without parents or papers in 2014 alone.

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