Thousands Race in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

By Christina Carilla |

Published 04/26 2014 08:51PM

Updated 04/28 2014 07:14AM

ROGERS, AR-- Research from the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation shows 232,000 women and 72,000 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

The theme at this year's Ozark Komen Race for the Cure was "I Race For...". Even though thousands raced for different people, their stories of strength are the same.

Juanita Franklin remembers her sister's shocking breast cancer diagnosis.

Juanita said, "She was stage four already and it had been missed on a mammogram. She did have a mastectomy and it was a hard time. Radiation and chemotherapy were difficult but she hung in there."

Now, Juanita said her sister has been breast cancer free for 12 years. "She is enjoying her family and enjoying her grandchildren. I don't think she ever thought she would get to enjoy that."

Juanita ran in the Komen Ozark for the cure race to support others with similar stories.

Juanita said, "We're all here together to support all of the men and women who are survivors and also those who have lost the fight."

It's a fight that thousands of men and women face. Judy Rowe knows the breast cancer battle all too well.

Judy said, "I'm walking for the first time for a very very dear friend." She said her friend never stopped fighting until the disease ultimately took her life.

Judy said, "She went through everything. We thought it was under control and she was good to go and five years later it returned. She was just a wonderful and sweet person."

Thousands raced for different reasons, but everyone walked toward one important goal.

Juanita said, "I hope that people have hope and know that there are people out there fighting for them and looking for a cure."

Judy said, "I think everyone here is praying for that too."

75% of money raised at Komen Ozark Race for the Cure will go directly toward those affected by breast cancer in Northwest Arkansas. The remaining 25% will go to breast cancer research.

Komen Ozark will continue fundraising through June 30th. You can donate by visiting

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