Top Trenders: 300,000 Could Lose Insurance

#5: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Yep, Justin Timberlake gets drenched in ice cold water, for a good cause, of course.
The singer is taking part in the ice bucket challenge, a social media campaign that's raising awareness and money to fight Lou Gehrig's disease, or ALS.  You dump a bucket of ice-cold water over your head, then you challenge a friend to either do the same, or donate money.  Justin challenged his buddy, Jimmy Fallon.

#4: Giant Sinkhole in Maryland
A giant hole where the road used to be in Baltimore, Maryland is quite the sight. Tuesday's record rainfall washed away roads and flooded low-lying areas.  Crews are trying to repair several roads across the city as homeowners mop up what's left of the standing water. The National Weather Service says a record 6.3 inches of rain fell Tuesday, making it the second-highest daily rainfall ever reported in Baltimore.

#3: Cheaper Gas
The average price for a gallon of gas is $3.48. That's cheaper than it was a year ago, even with the ongoing fighting in Iraq.  Most Iraqi oil comes from Baghdad and other regions south of the country.  Those areas haven't come under attack from ISIS combatants. The fighting is concentrated in the North, a region that contributes only about 15% of Iraq's oil production.

#2: Loss of Health Insurance
More than 300,000 people who signed up for Obamacare could lose coverage unless they can prove they are U.S. citizens or legal residents.  The issue is not necessarily an immigration status problem, but a data-matching issue.  The info they provided when they enrolled for the A.C.A. does not match what the federal government has on file. They have until September 5 to provide the necessary documents, or coverage will end on September 30.

#1: Ferguson Outrage
Police in Ferguson, Missouri got aggressive Wednesday night trying to quell a fourth night of unrest.  This is all following a police involved shooting that left an unarmed black teenager dead in the St. Louis city. The situation became more tense after Wednesday night, with police ordering people to go home and then using smoke bombs and tear gas after some people threw alcohol bombs at them.

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