Top Trenders: Algae Hits Toledo's Drinking Water

#5: Hackers Targeting Your Cars 
With computers controlling more and more of the cars we drive, hackers are apparently on the prowl. A new report ranks the 2014 Jeep Cherokee the most hackable car on the road today. The 2015 Cadillac Escalade and 2014 Toyota Prius also made the list. The biggest vulnerability is the cars' built-in apps and Bluetooth, which connect the car to services like Onstar. The 2014 Dodge Viper and 2014 Audi A-8 were the least hackable.

#4: California's State of Emergency
California's Governor declared a state of emergency Saturday because of a rash of wildfires. Thousands of acres of land have burned in several Northern California counties. The declaration allows the state to mobilize the National Guard for disaster relief. The Governor's office says as of Friday there were 17 fires burning throughout the state, including one that crossed into California from Oregon.

#3: Toledo's Drinking Water Crisis
This green, slimy substance is the source of the Toledo, Ohio area's drinking water crisis. It's an algae bloom, an explosion of tiny green plants in the water of Lake Erie. The algae are growing at unusual rates and releasing a toxin called micro-cystin. Since Friday, residents have been told, do not drink, cook or bathe with the water. They can't even boil it to make it safe. Up to 400,000 people are affected by the problem.

#2: Israel and Hamas Ceasefire
Israel has agreed to a 7 hour humanitarian cease-fire, but a spokesman for Hamas says it's a no go. The Israel Defense Force says the ceasefire started at 10 a.m. local time, which was 3 a.m. Eastern. One of the areas where the ceasefire wouldn't apply would be Rafa, where Palestinians say the dead and wounded are still buried in rubble from previous strikes. The I.D.F. said that it would respond with force if any attempts are made to harm Israelis.

#1: American Living With Ebola Virus
A Phoenix Air Jet is en route to pick up an American Ebola virus patient. The jet left Cartersville, Georgia yesterday, headed for Liberia to pick up Nancy Writebol. She was diagnosed with Ebola on July 25th while doing missionary work. Phoenix Air says this jet is a highly specialized air ambulance equipped with an isolation unit. The interior of the jet be completely decontaminated post flight. The plane should land back in Georgia tomorrow.

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