Top Trenders: An Outpouring Of Love On Social Media

Number 5: Suit Against "Ted"
 A production company in California is suing the people behind the 2012 movie "Ted." The suit claims they stole the idea for the talking teddy bear in an adult human world. Among those named in the suit is Seth Macfarlane, who directed, co-wrote, produced and appeared in "Ted." The production company claims Ted is "strikingly similar" to its character "Charlie." Charlie appeared in a web video series on YouTube, beginning in 2009.

Number 4: Father's Request Gets Outpouring of Love On Social Media
A grieving father's request for help on social media started a viral outpouring of love. Nathan Steffel took the internet to ask the world to help him remember his daughter without the tubes surrounding her in the hospital. Steffel's daughter, Sophia, lived only six weeks before she died on July 10th due to complications from a liver tumor. He asked Reddit users to photoshop the tubes out of the picture, so he and his wife could keep the memory.

Number 3: BMW Recall
The BMW group is recalling 1.6 million of its popular 3 series vehicles based on concerns over airbag safety. Last month, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said BMW, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Chrysler and Ford would be recalling vehicles to fix a possible safety defect in air bag inflators built by the Japanese firm, Takata. The recall affects BMW cars manufactured between 1999 and 2006.

Number 2: Mexican Shelter Rescue
In Mexico, authorities have seized custody of 500 children who were rescued from a home in Michoacan. Police said they also rescued 138 adults from a place called "La Gran Familia."  They lived in deplorable conditions, sleeping on the floor surrounded by insects and rats. They also had very little to eat, and many had signs of sexual abuse. The owner of the home and eight others have been arrested.

Number 1: Obama Discusses Russia
In an unscheduled afternoon address, President Obama touched on key foreign policy issues. 
He says Russia is still sending fighters and weapons into Ukraine, despite his warning to Russian President Putin. The President said he's heartbroken about the escalating war in the Middle East and called for a ceasefire. He also spoke about continued efforts to bring Israel and Hamas to an agreement.


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