Top Trenders: Batkid Heads To the Big Screen

#5: Country Music Outpaces Pop
    When it comes to commercial success, it appears country acts are outpacing the biggest names in pop music. The genre's top earner this year is Toby Keith, earning an estimated $65 million. Taylor Swift is second on the list with about $64 million. Kenny Chesney, Jason aldean and Luke Bryan round out the top five. All of the artists pulled in at least $34,000. Of the ten best-selling albums in the U.S. last year, three were country. 

#4: Where's The Beef?
Are you wondering 'Where's the beef?' Well, here's a tip. Apparenlty, it's at Arby's. The fast food chain is introducing meat sandwiches that are least twice the size of the regular ones. According to officials, Arby's is responding to two big industry trends, more protein and extreme sandwiches, and the roast beef sandwich chain is trying to stand out in the competitive fast food industry.

#3: Batkid
He dreamed of being Batman and the city of San Francisco made it happen. Now, 5 year-old leukemia survivor Miles Scott, better known as "batkid",  may be headed to the big screen.  It's a documentary about Miles' battle with Leukemia, and San Francisco's push to turn the Bay Area into Gotham City for the little super hero. Filmmaker Dana Nachman has launched an online campaign to raise money for the film.

#2: Game Changer For College Sports
The NCAA reached a $75 million settlement with dozens of college athletes in a class action suit over head injuries. The settlement requires mandatory regulations coaches must follow if an athlete experiences a head injuring during a game or practice. It will prevent athletes from returning to a game after a concussion. The money will go to testing and research.

#1: V.A. Health Care Scandal Update
New details are emerging in the veterans affairs health care scandal. According to an internal V.A. audit, about half of the schedulers at multiple V.A. hospitals say supervisors told them to lie about wait times for patients trying to see doctors. The schedulers say they falsified reports to make their centers look better so too officials could get bonuses. Tuesday, the Senate approved a new V.A. Chief, Robert McDonald, who takes the place of Eric Shinskei.

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