Top Trenders: Bergdahl Returned To Regular Duty

Number 5: Snails At LAX
U.S. Customs and Border Protection intercepted some interesting cargo at LAX...67 live snails.  The snails arrived from Nigeria, bound for California. Paperwork indicated they were for human consumption. However, a team of scientists identified them as giant African snails. They're one of the world's largest land snails, and they'll eat anything from fruits and vegetables, to paint and stucco off houses.

Number 4: Home Depot Steps Into 3D Printer Market
Home Depot is taking its first major step into the 3D printer market. Under a pilot program, it began selling "Makerbot" printers in a dozen of its stores in California, Illinois and New York on Monday. The printers are used to make 3D plastic objects. The Home Depot has been selling the printers on its website for the past three months, but this is the first time it has sold them in its stores.

Number 3: A-Rod Is Having Attorney Issues
A-Rod's lawyers are now suing him. The suspended New York Yankee's 3rd baseman, Alex Rodriguez, hired an attorney in 2013 to fight doping charges from Major League Baseball. The firm that represented him says A-Rod has more than $380,000 in unpaid legal fees.
A spokesman for Rodriguez says he had already paid legal fees to the firm, and that there is some disagreement about the hours billed by the law firm.

Number 2: Obama To Pressure Lawmakers
This week, President Obama plans to pressure lawmakers into finding a way to keep money flowing to road and bridge projects before funding dries up next month. The President says Republicans on Capitol Hill could be responsible for massive layoffs and stalled projects if the soon to expire highway trust fund is not renewed. Obama will use two stops this week to advance plans that would spur innovation, and in turn, create jobs.

Number 1: Bergdahl Returns To Work
The U.S. Army Sergeant held for five years by militants has completed therapy and counseling. Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl returned to regular duty Monday. According to The Wall Street Journal, he started a desk job at Fort Sam Houston in Texas. Bergdahl was released by the Taliban in Afghanistan, two months ago, in a prisoner swap with the U.S. Since then, he's undergoing re-integration treatment at an Army hospital in San Antonio.

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