Top Trenders: 'Breaking Bad' Scavenger Hunt

#5: Breaking Bad Scavenger Hunt
The show may be over,  but one member of the "Breaking Bad" cast is still having fun with it.  Actor Aaron Paul announced a "Breaking Bad" scavenger hunt next Monday in Hollywood. It coincides with the 66th annual prime-time Emmy awards, where the acclaimed A.M.C. series is nominated for 6 awards.  The actor promises hidden 'Breaking Bad' scripts, posters, dolls, action figures and art hidden around Hollywood.

#4: UPS Hacked
If you went to a UPS store in the past six months, there's a chance you might have been hacked.
The United Parcel Service said it discovered a computer breach at 51 stores across 24 states.  Customer names, postal addresses, email addresses and payment card information were compromised. Good news is that the company is offering identity protection and credit monitoring services to customers who may have been affected.

#3: Ferguson Missouri Update
The man in charge of security for Ferguson, Missouri reported a night of great calm, last night compared to previous nights.  Violence has erupted in the streets since a police officer shot an unarmed teenager there on August 9th.  On Thursday, there were no reports of fires or shootings.
Police did not seize any handguns, and did not use smoke devices, tear gas or mace or fire any shots. There were only seven arrests, compared to 47 on Tuesday.

#2: James Foley Failed Rescue
New details from the Pentagon give a glimpse into a failed attempt to rescue James Foley and other Americans last fourth of July weekend.  Foley is the U.S. journalist beheaded by ISIS this week.  Administration officials tell us the group of soldiers and Navy seals made their way into a building where they believed hostages were being held during the rescue mission.  The operation, from start to finish, lasted two hours.

#1: Ebola Patient Speaks Out
Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, the American patients who were treated for the Ebola virus, have been discharged from Emory University hospital in Atlanta.  Both contracted the deadly virus in Liberia and are the first known Ebola patients to recover in the U.S.  Doctor's say Brantly's blood tests came back negative for the virus.  Writebol was released Tuesday, and is choosing not to make public comments.

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