Top Trenders: New Ebola Vaccine

#5: New Logo
The Hershey Company has a new corporate logo.  It now features an updated version of a Hershey Kiss Chocolate at the end of the company name.  The candy maker says "the new branding will impact all visual aspects of how the Hershey company presents itself." Not everyone is so sweet on the look.  Some people have raised a stink on social media, saying the logo looks like a certain popular Emoji,  we'll let you guess which one.

#4: Presely's Jets
Two jets once owned and personally designed by Elvis Presley are up for sale.  One is named the "Lisa Marie," after Presley's daughter.  It features gold bathroom fixtures, a stereo system with 52 speakers and a queen-sized bed.  The other is the "Hound Dog Two," which was said to be Presley's back-up plane.  Presley's father sold the planes in 1978, but reached a deal with the owners to park them at Graceland as part of the mansion tour.

#3: Highway Protest
In Missouri, a highway shutdown protest in honor of michael brown was canceled, but some of the demonstrators didn't get the message.  Organizers say the original protest plan was for drivers to stop on the highway for four and a half minutes.  This was to symbolize the four and a half hours Michael Brown remained on the ground after officer Darren Wilson shot and killed him.  Organizers demand Wilson's firing and for him to be charged with murder.

#2: Ebola Vaccine
The first human safety trial for an experimental Ebola vaccine begins this week.  The FDA gave the green light for researchers at the U.S. National Institutes of Health to give the vaccine to 20 healthy volunteers.  The vaccine will first be given to three volunteers.  If it's considered safe, it will be given to another small group of volunteers to see if it creates a strong immune response to the virus.  All volunteers will be monitored closely for side effects.

#1:  Obama Sends Letter
President Barack Obama sent a letter to Congress Monday, notifying them he authorized this weekend's US military strikes in Northern Iraq in support of an operation to deliver humanitarian assistance.   In the letter, sent under the war powers resolution, President Obama says the actions were taken "in coordination with and at the request of the Iraqi government."

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