Top Trenders: Nikki Minaj Dress Malfunction

#5: VMA Awards
The MTV Video Music Awards aired last night and within the first 10 minutes, Nicki Minaj delivered a big performance complete with a wardrobe malfunction.  She later said she didn't have time to get the dress zipped up and she held it together for the rest of the song.  Queen B,  Beyonce, performed a seventeen minute act to close out the show.  Beyonce was the most nominated artist of the night,  and the recipient of this year's Michael Jackson video vanguard award.

#4: Man Climbs Brooklyn Bridge
Despite added security, a 24-year-old man managed to climb the Brooklyn bridge Sunday afternoon. Officials say the Russian tourist reached the top of one of the towers to take photos.  An NYPD sergeant stationed at the bridge called for backup after seeing the man climb over a security fence.  More security has been stationed at the bridge after American flags on top of the bridge's two towers were stolen and replaced by white flags.

#3: Hackers Knock Out Video Game
A group of hackers knocked out a number of popular online video game services, including the popular Sony Playstation network.  Hackers calling themselves Lizard Squad claim responsibility for taking down PSN as well as networks for World of Warcraft, League of Legends and other multi-player games.  Sony says most of its services were restored.  In a related twist, the hackers also claim they made threats against an American Airlines flight with a Sony executive on board.  That flight was diverted to Phoenix as a precaution.

#2: Obama Orders Review
President Obama is ordering a review of federal programs that allow local law enforcement agencies to buy military equipment.  The review comes on the heels of criticism about the heavy, military-style equipment that was brought out in Ferguson, Missouri, in response to violent protests.  The review will look at whether such programs are appropriate and whether local agencies have the necessary training.

#1: Earthquake Hits California
Residents in parts of Northern California's wine country were awakened by a 6.0 earthquake Sunday.  It was the strongest earthquake to hit the San Francisco bay area in 25 years.  Officials reported at least six fires, more than a hundred gas line leaks and dozens of broken water mains.
Broken bottles of wine and groceries covered grocery store floors.  Hundreds of people were treated at hospitals, many with minor injuries.

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