Top Trenders: Sharknado Returns

#5: Sharknado Hits The Screen
Sharknado is back. The highly anticipated sequel to the Sci-Fy channel's 2013 viral movie sensation hit TV screens last night. In the follow up, yet another tornado full of sharks turns deadly, but this time, it's in New York City. Social media blew up once again, with folks commenting while watching it live. It stars such celebrities as Ian Ziring, Tara Reid, Kelly Osbourne and Vivica A. Fox. 

#4: Netflix Streaming Speeds Up
Netflix customers rejoice. Your streaming speeds may soon be faster, thanks to a deal between the online movie subscription provider and AT&T. Netflix decided to pick-up some of the bill for faster streaming by connecting directly to AT&T rather than using a third party. Netflix reluctantly reached a similar deal with Comcast and Verizon earlier this year, amid a public battle over who is responsible for slow speeds.

#3: T.S.A Wants Your Input
Most travelers know the annoyance of standing in long airport security lines. But now,  the T.S.A. wants to know what you'd do to fix the problem. The TSA is offering a prize to those who can come up with the best way to shorten those lines. The agency wants ideas for better layouts, taking into consideration changing flight schedules, peak hours and staffing. The top idea will receive $5,000 and the runners up will receive $2500.

#2: Cooper's Tree House Park Foundation
There's a new online fundraising effort for Cooper Harris, the little boy who died in that hot car in Georgia. It's called "Cooper's Tree House Park Foundation" and the members hope to raise enough to build parks in his memory. The goal is to first build two parks, one in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and one in Georgia. In the future, the group is hoping to build a park in every state.

#1: Obama Could Face Lawsuit
The GOP led house has approved a resolution authorizing speaker John Boehner to sue president Obama. Republicans say the president's executive actions to change Obamacare and make other policy decisions on his own are unconstitutional. This authorization allows the GOP lawsuit to be filed in federal court. The White House responded saying the lawsuit will "waste valuable time and potentially millions of taxpayer dollars."


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