Top Trenders: Toddler Squeezes Through White House Fence

#5: Weird Al Yankovic
A fan has started an online petition to have Weird Al Yankovic headline Super Bowl 49. Ed Ball admits he posted the petition on after a night out with friends. But so far, the petition has gotten more than 25,000 signatures. Weird Al Yankovic has been on a roll recently. He hit number one on the Billboard 200 chart for the first time with his "Mandatory Fun" album this year.

#4: Prince William Makes History
Britain's Prince William is about to take on a new role as an air ambulance pilot. It's a first for the royal family, a direct heir to the throne taking a civilian job. The Prince will start training in Autumn and is expected to qualify as a pilot next year. He'll do everything expected of a regular pilot, including night shifts, except that he'll be released for his key public duties. The palace says he'll be donating his salary to charity.

#3: Hurricane Iselle
Hurricane Iselle is beginning to bear down on Hawaii, and a second, more powerful hurricane is on its heels. A hurricane warning is in effect for the big island of Hawaii has most people there taking shelter. White House officials will remain in close contact with FEMA and others involved with response and recovery efforts as the impending storms near the big island.

#2: Toddler Causes Lockdown
Thursday night, just before the President gave a statement on Iraq, a boy squeezed through the White House fence and onto the front lawn, causing a commotion with Secret Service. Journalists waiting for the President spotted the little guy. A U.S. Secret Service spokesman says instead of questioning, the little boy got a time-out and left with his parents.

#1: Obama Statement
Thousands of families are reportedly trapped in the mountains of Iraq's Kurdish region. With them facing possible death at the hands of extremists, President Barack Obama has authorized air strikes in Iraq. Isil, also known as Isis and the Islamic State, swept through Iraq earlier this year,  over-running many cities and villages. In addition to airstrikes, the president is also authorizing humanitarian aid drops over Iraq, which are already underway.

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