Tree Falls on Boys and Girls Club Playground

ROGERS, AR—Strong winds rushed through Northwest Arkansas Wednesday afternoon, leaving behind some destruction.

Donovan Golden, Program director at The Boys And Girls Club in Rogers said he heard a big boom, and saw the mess that followed.

“It was really loud and we knew right away that it had done some damage to the playground.”

Golden said the kids are always on the playground, but Wednesday afternoon, mother nature had a different plan.

Donovan said, “We had just brought the kids inside because it was getting really windy. Things were blowing against the glass and so we were keeping everyone in the middle of the gym.”

When director of operations, Kevin Crow saw the damage, he took matters into his own hands. “Our course of action was we went to go get supplies and materials to get us rockin' and rollin' to take care of everything.”

With his team of good samaritans and staff, they chainsawed what they could of the downed tree. Crow commends his team for acting fast, because it could have been a lot worse.

Crow said, “Ultimately they did everything that could be asked and made sure all of our kids were safe and sound.”

But as for the playground, it might be out of commission for a little while.

Golden said, “I've already heard a couple of kids really upset that they are not going to get to play on the playground for a couple days.”

Crow said, “Some of the bars are bent, and so depending on what the level of that is, will depend on how long the playground will have to be shut down, and how much repair will have to be made.”

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