Tyson Foods Donates Mobile Command Center To Disaster Relief Organization

SPRINGDALE, AR -- Tyson Foods is taking steps to expand disaster relief efforts not only in the Natural State, but across the country as well. The food giant is partnering with a group of veterans to assist and organize relief efforts after natural disasters.

"Our natural response in disaster relief is to prepare, cook, and distribute meals to the victims, first responders and volunteers of the area," said Pat Bourke, with Tyson Foods.

But now Tyson is working to expand those efforts, by partnering with Team Rubicon.

"One of the biggest challenges that you have in a disaster site, is getting the local intelligence. Who's not being fed, who's being fed, what the need is out there," said Bourke.

Tuesday, Tyson Foods unveiled a disaster command center designed specifically for the military based volunteer group.

"These guys are the ones that show up with shovels, wheel barrels and chain saws. They get the tree off your front porch, or they shovel the mud out of your living room," said Bourke.

Not only will this mobile command center provide a place for volunteers to work and sleep, but it will also provide a sense of security during times of chaos.

"This just gives them a place to sleep now, instead of sleeping out in the weather," said Chad Reynolds, Arkansas Operations Team Coordinator with Team Rubicon.

"We had several storms there in Faulkner County, while we were there and the tents were blowing over, falling down," said Reynolds.

Reynolds says the young organization appreciates the help.

"We're just all happy, this is a huge step for Team Rubicon. We're a new organization, we're still growing, and this is a huge leap for Team Rubicon," said Reynolds.

While this is major boost for Team Rubicon, Pat Bourke with Tyson Foods says he hopes the trailer will never have to leave its headquarters.

"Hopefully we never have to deploy these trailers ever again, but the reality of it is, we probably will," said Bourke

When they do, Team Rubicon says it will be ready to serve.

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