UA Police Arrest Man With Two Guns on Campus

FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- University of Arkansas Police arrested a man early Tuesday morning for having firearms on campus. According to UAPD, they found Christopher Hart, 21, passed out in the driver seat of a jeep in Lot 7 that had been running for several hours. Officers say Hart had bloodshot eyes and, despite there being several empty alcohol containers in the floorboard, Hart said he'd taken several Adderall pills. Officers confirm Hart has a prescription for Adderall.

Police tell us they also noticed several bullets in plain view in the jeep. When they asked about them, officers say Hart showed them a concealed carry permit. Upon asking Hart if he had a weapon on him, police say he reached into his front pocket without saying a word. Officers stopped him and say, at that point, Hart mentioned he had a loaded gun in his pocket and another unloaded weapon in the jeep. Officers found both guns and then arrested Hart for possession of a handgun on school property.

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