University's Proactive Alert to Students about Ebola

FAYETTEVILLE, AR--The ebola virus has not shown up on the University of Arkansas' campus or anywhere in Arkansas, but this warning from the university is more of a proactive step to make sure everyone is being cautious.

"I don't really know much about it like the um like how it originated or where exactly it orginated from, but I just know that it's dangerous." said Kachi Ndubuisi, University of Arkansas student.

Kachi Ndubuisi's family is in the middle of the ebola outbreak in nigeria.

"It's really scary," said Ndubuisi.

The junior electrical engineering student moved to the United States from Lagos, Nigeria 3 years ago. And he's worried about his family back home.

" I do, I do. I do actually a lot. I come from a really good Christian family so like my mom and my dad we say God is with us and so God is going to protect them," said Ndubuisi.

After the warning from the World Health Organization, the University of Arkansas sent out an alert to all returning students...urging those who have traveled to Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia or Nigeria within the past 21 days to stop by and see a nurse.

"We're all in this together," said Mary Alice Serafini, Dir. of Pat Walker Health Center. "This is kind of a supportive thing. Obviously nobody wants the virus to spread, um so we're doing our part, uh and we hope that the University of Arkansas community will also do the same."

Even though he's worried about his family,  Ndubuisi says he's not too concerned about ebola making it into the US anytime soon.

"I think that the, the medical like people here are, are able, they have the capacity to contain it. So I'm not really worried about it getting out," said Ndubuisi.

The alert from the university says that students who visited an African country and are experiencing symptoms of fever, headache and muscle pain should go directly to the hospital for further evaluation.

Click HERE for the entire alert from the University of Arkansas.

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