UPDATE: FBI Raids Home, Arrests One Person

FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- According to Fayetteville Police, the FBI is serving a search warrant on Betty Jo Drive.

Officers say the FBI used a flash bang distraction device before serving the warrant on Wednesday morning.

Fayetteville PD had crews on scene at the 500 block of Betty Jo, but it is now being handled by the FBI.

No word yet on what the search warrant is regarding. We have a crew on the way and will update with the very latest information.

UPDATE: Katestrant Barefield was arrested on felony possession of a firearm. FBI, Arkansas State Police, Rogers Police and Fayetteville Police both helped in this arrest.

Neighbors in the area were stunned and alarmed when officers arrived.

"Pretty much sound asleep and just hear a loud bang, scares you awake."

A sight and sound no one wants at 5am. A loud bang, followed by uniformed FBI agents.

"Seeing everybody walk around in, with bullet proof vests on and guns, seen a couple FBI jackets walking around," said a neighbor recounting the morning.

Those FBI agents were moving in on an apartment on Betty Jo drive in Fayetteville, during an early morning raid Wednesday.

"Look out the door to see some police officers kneeling in front of your car, it's not exactly the sight you want to see at you know, before the crack of dawn," said one neighbor.

He did not want to be identified in this story, but investigators used his car for a line of sight.

"When we stepped outside to see what's going on, they ushered us back, back indoors told us not to come out."

Agents were serving a search warrant to Katastrant Barefield, for felony gun charges.

"This is the first time I've even seen anything like this in Fayetteville and I've been living in Fayetteville for 8 years," said a neighbor.

Despite the chaos and commotion this morning, some living here in this neighborhood still feel safe.

"It's concerning to a certain point. I mean I still feel safe where I live."

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