Washington County to Resume Issuing Marriage Licenses to Same-Sex Couples

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS-- The most recent ruling from the Pulaski County circuit court declares all state laws banning same-sex marriage are unconstitutional.

Cody Renegar, a plaintiff in the same-sex marriage case, says even with all the law adjustments in recent days he hasn't given up hope.

"i've been very fascinated to see our legal system work how it's supposed to. Every little step that was taken and every step that was made was just a little bit more hope and it seems like it's going really well in our favor."

University of Arkansas law professor, Dr. Steve Sheppard believes clarification from the Pulaski County Circuit Court is right around the corner. Ultimately, he says the Supreme Court will make the final call. In the mean-time, Renegar is proud of Arkansas for dealing with the issue.

Renegar said, "There's an army behind us and all of the hope is given to us collectively. All of us standing together is something beautiful to see."

Dr. Sheppard said he's glad the state is giving the case the attention it needs. "I'm very proud of Arkansas for wrestling so carefully with this issue. I should hate to think that we rushed, as we have often rushed to judgment on these issues."

Renegar said, "I'm not worried. I just see it that the law is the law. I don't have any negative feelings towards this. I feel it's going how it should be."

Washington County clerk, Becky Lewallen says the county will begin re-issuing licenses to same-sex couples on Friday, following the latest ruling.

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