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WEB EXTRA: Expert Answers Obamacare Facebook Questions

Originally published 9/26/2013:

We asked our KNWA and Fox News Edge Facebook fans what questions or concerns they had about Obamacare, and then we tracked down an expert for answers.

Our expert is Bettie Miller. She is an instructor at the University of Arkansas, has a Master of Science in Nursing, is a Registered Nurse studying for her Doctorate in Public Policy, and has read the entire Affordable Health Care Act.

Terri Isbell asked...
What about those who prefer alternative medicine? Will they get the choice to pass on insurance?

Thomas & Michelle Bowen asked...
At what age, and under what conditions can your older children obtain their own insurance?

Julie Stephens Harrison asked...
Can I buy into the marketplace if my employer offers healthcare that I cannot afford?

Jonathon Hamby asked...
Why does Northwest Arkansas have the highest premiums in the state (area 3 I believe we are called)?

Melissa Jones-Rayburn asked...
Why are the policies so different in each state?

Tiffany Ruth asked...
Is there any hope left that this wont happen? Or is it a for sure thing now?

Rachel Guess-Balentine asked...
When is the deadline to have insurance? If my family doesn't have it by October 1st will I have to pay a fine?

Sheila McArthur Spencer asked...
What is the cost for the health care??? How much will it cost??

Mary Ann Wilson Putman asked...
Will I get penalized and have money withdrawn from SS the first of the year due to no insurance?

Stephanie Nelson asked...
Who does it cover? What is criteria to qualify and how can the government afford it?

Amanda Tunnell asked...
Are employers going to be required to offer healthcare to their employees?

Elinor B. Mullin asked...
How are people going to be treated with multiple underlying conditions and cancer patients?

Justin Cadotte asked...
Is Arkansas expanding on Medicaid?

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