WEB EXTRA: NWA Family Hopes for Legalized Cannabis in AR

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS -- The Davis family is hoping to see medical marijuana legalized in Arkansas.

They have two children, 6-year-old CJ and 7-year-old Ciera, who both began seizing at five months old and have not stopped since. Both kids were diagnosed with the rare genetic disorder CDG, Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation. Their brains are under constant seizure attack.

If medical cannabis were available in Arkansas, it might reduce the number of seizures both children suffer from which would give their brains time to develop and grow.

Doctors have told Melissa Davis that if the seizures do not stop, her children's brain stems will continue shrinking and there is no reviving them from something like that. Legalizing cannabidiol oil is their main focus, since research suggests it could benefit those with similar conditions.

Watch the video to hear what Melissa says to people who are concerned over legalizing medical marijuana.

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