What the Hog Call Trademark Means for Fans

FAYETTEVILLE -- It's the hallmark cheer all Razorback fans know and love, and now it's trademarked.

The University of Arkansas Athletics Department said the words "Woo Pig Sooie" and several other titles have been trademarked for years, but now the actual sound of the cheer is protected as of July 1, 2014.

"The University of Arkansas became what we believe the first institution in the country to trademark a collegiate cheer," Associate Athletic Director for the University of Arkansas, Kevin Trainor said.

The Hog Call has been around almost 100 years, pumping up players on the field, on the court, or just wherever a little Razorback pride is needed.

Kevin Trainor said it's a way to provide quality control when people want to use the call for profit.

"This is really about preserving the call for our fans, and for their use, and protecting outside entities from displaying it in an inappropriate way," he said.

No need to worry, for Hog fans, this trademark doesn't change a thing.

"This is not going to change day to day when they come to Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium, we want them to call the Hogs, we want them to call the Hogs in their office, anywhere they want to,' Trainor said.

The sound mark comes on the heels of a few other tweaks the University has made recently, including the official University color and football uniforms.

"All of this is to protect the tradition that our fans really have created since the late 1920s."

Now, trademarking may become a trend among other universities.

"When you talk about the number of memorable cheers, for the Hog Call to be the first one, to be the first one to be registered is truly an honor. I would expect others to follow suit," Trainor said.

So where ever, whenever and however you call the Hogs, the trademark is simply protecting the integrity and legacy of this legendary cheer.

"We want it to last for many years to come," Trainor said.

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