Wounded Washington County Deputy Status "Satisfactory"

FAYETTEVILLE, AR--Corporal Taylor Reed's was shot while responding to a domestic disturbance call in Washington County last Wednesday. Today he's recovering and his family is anticipating the return home.

"He said he knew. He had a piece at mind. He said he prayed before he went on the call, he just had a bad feeling," said Bethany Reed.

She shared that uneasy feeling Wednesday night...As she waited for her husband, Corporal Taylor Reed to come home from work...That's when she got the call.

That's the worst phone call you could ever have in your life. It's something you don't ever want for any body," said Bethany.

Corporal Reed, with the Washington County Sheriff's Office... Had been shot while responding to a domestic disturbance call in Fayetteville.

"It entered his arm and it traveled through his body and hit his ribs and ricocheted around in there, went through his lung, lodged in his back, in the middle of his back, Reed said. "He's really blessed because it went you know, so close to his heart."

Bethany says she's grateful for the response from doctors... And support from friends.

"Washington County Sheriff's Office and Tim Helder and everyone there, every police department it seems like around here all kinds. Family, my job, they all have been amazing, great support. They come out, they see him all the time and he loves it," said Bethany.

Doctors say Reed's condition is improving... But they don't know when he will be released from the hospital. Corporal reed is still bleeding from one of his lungs.

"It's a reality check. You know? This is real and this is what can happen," said Reed.

Bethany says her husband is looking forward to getting out, and spending time with their baby girl.

"He's gonna be one awesome daddy when he's done...and deputy. His potential goal is just to keep continuing up. He loves the sheriff's office and they're his brothers and sisters," said Bethany Reed.

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