Ask an Expert: Bud Anderson

My house smells musky. Can my HVAC system be the cause?

"It could be. Sometimes, systems are too large so they don't run long enough to take out the humidity in the home, so things tend to be damper. So it allows mold and stuff like that to grow. Excessive moisture is what you want to take out of the air. If your system is too big, it's not running long enough, it doesn't take the moisture out of the air. So, you gotta make sure that your system is sized correctly. Number two, there could be a problem with mold if your system's in a crawl space or where there's heavy, damp, aerial or air around that system, it could be growing mold inside the air handler that needs to be checked. And we check those type things. We can install UV lights to take care of that. We can clean evaporated coils. We can add antibacterial coatings to prevent the growth of that. And, clean the drain and get rid of some of that musty smell," Tim Paetz from Bud Anderson said.

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