Today's expert is Dr. Edward Ericson from John Brown University, and the question is, "What can I do with a degree in liberal arts?"

"John Brown University has been a liberal arts institution since its inception. It is an institution that has about 2500 individuals at it. We have a degree now in liberal arts that is online, and this degree is available in the online capacity wherever you want to take it. Anywhere around the world.
The degree in liberal arts is a broad humanities degree. It allows people to take a variety of backgrounds that they might have and look into a possible variety of fields. The particular emphases in the degree are psychology as well as human services, family services, those sorts of things. So, no matter what people might have in terms of their background they can go into those sorts of areas, but liberal arts degree is really preparation for life. Liberal arts degree allows people to, from whatever background they might come in, to think better, to reason better, to work with people from a variety of different contexts.
The great advantage of the liberal arts is that you get an opportunity to study things from a broad range of perspectives, to be able to think better, to write better, to reason better, to understand the human condition, and so people from whatever walk of life who might just want to broaden their education, this is a great opportunity for them.
But it also is really preparation for just about any sort of career, and especially in social service, or anything that's going to be relating to the public, a liberal arts degree is one of the fields that really allows people to do that in ways that they otherwise might not have the preparation.
So, for me, a liberal arts background is really one of the crucial things that we do at JBU, and so I'm really excited that we now have this program that we can offer in all sorts of different venues. All over Arkansas, all over the world."

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