Ask an Expert: What is invisalign?

What is invisalign?

"Invisalign is an excellent orthodontic treatment option that's actually been around since the late nineties," said Dr. Richard Roblee. "what it does it takes a series of clear, removable computer generated plastic aligners to treat and move teeth. The computer model is generated through some very sophisticated technology from either a traditional orthodontic impression or even better, a computer generated digital scan. It takes this information and align technology will actually use 3D animated software to generate graphical representation of the doctors treatment plan. This is where the doctors experience and skills are very important to make sure what's best for you. Invisilign is an excellent treatment option but it's not a commodity. And what invisilign does that that time is it has the technology to mass produce aligners and the patient switches out aligners every two weeks. Millimeter by millimeter, it straightens the patients smile, and the exciting part about this is treatment time is about the same as traditional braces or even shorter and it is cover by orthodontic insurance if you have it."

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