Ask an Expert: What kind of education degrees are available?

"At John Brown University, we like to talk about the degrees that we offer because we like to think of teachers as whole persons and the programs and the degree programs that we have minister to or train to the whole person the mind, the body and the spirit," Associate Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Gloria Gale said. "To get that, we have two areas where you can go. You can go as a mater of education candidate and you can also go as a bachelor of science of education.

In the masters area we have three options for teachers. Two of them are for teachers who are already in the field. These are for people who are interested in going to the next level, and perhaps stepping out of the boundaries of the classroom and becoming more in a leadership role. That is Teacher as Leader, and that leads to an instructional facilitator endorsement.

In the bachelor of science programs we have 5 subject areas that you can get a degree in that would be in music. That's K-12. There's a P4 licensure that's early childhood. And then we have secondary math and english and social studies. Those are the main areas that we offer."

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