Ask The Expert: Kent Rylee

How often should I get my battery checked and what should I look for in a battery?

Kent Rylee answers this question.

"Surveys in the past have shown that 52% of all vehicles are going to have a battery problem, so you need to make sure you check your battery periodically, because you don't want to be in that 52%. You want to be the 48%. And the way to do that is every time you go into your service department to get your oil changed, have them do a volt meter to your battery to make sure it has the right voltage to keep it started," said Rylee. "Even though it might not be a battery problem, it could be a starter problem or an alternator problem, it will show up in your battery. So that's the best way to keep your battery up and running as the best ability."

"When you're buying a battery, most batteries are the same. There's not that many people out there that this battery is 100 times better than this battery. Every one of them has a different price because you're buying a 40-month battery, a 72-month battery, different quote cold cranking amps which is very important depending on what kind of car you have or what kind of vehicle," said Rylee.

"I highly recommend the Napa battery. Napa is the only battery that is made in the USA, so we support our country and buy the napa batteries made in the USA. Price-wise difference, they're all about within the same price range, because a vehicle is specific to its battery. One thing you wanna make sure that you do is you can read your owner's manual, you can look at what the regional equipment manufacterer suggests. You need to use that same type of battery and of course, we highly recommend the Napa battery."

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