Boozman & Pryor Go Head-to-Head in D.C. Softball Game

WASHINGTON D.C. -- Bills took a back seat and bats got cracking for the annual softball game between Senator Boozman's Boozemen and the Naturals led by Senator Pryor.

Boozmen pitcher Jimmy Jarris says the team has a lot on the line this year. We're going for that four-peat. I'm excited to lead Senator's Boozman's team against Mark Pryor's," Jarris said.

"They've beaten us for the past couple of years, but so far, so good. I'm optimistic we're gonna come out on top this year," Andy york, Sen. Pryor chief of staff said.

Despite the fierce rivalry between the players, the managers say they're proud of their teams' efforts in the office and on the field.

"Oh, I'm very proud. This is a big day today. This is like playing Alabama in football," Boozman.

"I really do have a great staff," Pryor said. "A lot of dedicated young people who almost from Arkansas, both in D.C. and in Arkansas."

"You know you got the Washington Monument right here, you got the capitol right there. You gotta kind of wonder what our founding fathers thought that anyone would ever be playing softball out here on the mall," Pryor said.

Senator Boozman's team made it a four-peat. They won it in a nailbiter, winning 15 to 14, taking home the golden Razorback.

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