Celebrity Chef Creates Energized Snacks

We chatted with"Food Network Star" season 8 winner, Justin Warner! Since winning the show, he's been very busy and working on recipes to help folks stay awake while actually enjoying the taste of their food! He showed us a few of his energized creations and says one of his secret weapon ingredients is chia seeds.

"They're pretty fun, they keep you hydrated throughout the day becasue they absorb moisture. I like to mix mine with a little bit of peanut butter, some orange juice, some ground up granola, and then a little bit of chocolate chips. Make those into little bon bons, carry them with you, you start to feel a little case of the 2:30's...Boom boom, pop a couple and move on to the next task," Warner said.

Justin also showed us how to make homemade energy drinks. CLICK HERE to find out how to enter an energy drink recipe contest!

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